Ga Mantse visits ancestral graves to climax Homowo

 King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, Ga Mantse, has visited the gravesites of passed Kings at Mantseman, in the Tesano and Apenkwa enclave to climax the 2022 Ga Mashie Homowo celebration.

The visit, an annual ceremony at the royal mausoleum, was in remembrance of those illustrious Ga Kings who laboured for the Ga State.

It was also to seek blessings, guidance and protection from the departed believed to be in higher realms.

The King in the company of members of the Ga Paramount Stool Djaase Council, and Asafoatsemei, sprinkled the traditional meal ‘kpokpoi’ on the tombs of the interred royals in the Mausoleum where a libation was poured later amidst drumming and dancing.

The visit, which was a journey of six miles, started with a procession from Ga Kinka to Tesano, and then back southward to Accra to “Akpade bu” (current location of Accra Brewery Ltd) where King Tackie Tawiah I (1892-1902) and his family members had been buried since 1902.

Thereafter, the procession came through the CMB to UTC (Central Business District) and then to the Makola Market, where the statue of the late King is located.

From there, the procession continued through the General Post Office, Salaga Market, Korle We, the Ussher Fort and to the Ga Mantse Stool House.

Some of the late Kings, who had their graves visited were King Tackie Tawiah 1 (1892-1902) and Nii Tackie Tawiah II (1944 – 1947).

Other sub-chiefs, who also had their gravesites visited were Nii Teiko Abonua II, a.k.a. Dr. C. E. Reindorf, (1948 – 1969), Nii Kwaku Niri II, a.k.a. Paul Tagoe (1980 – 1992) and Nii Tetteh Ashong IV, Dzasetsemei, of the Ga Paramount Stool.


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