You Know The Killer Of JB Danquah - Kennedy Agyapong And IGP Called Out Once Again For These Reasons


Kennedy Agyapong and the reviewer general of police have been gotten down on by and by after a few unanticipated conditions hit the web. We were keeping it cool and disapproving of our business as many will say when we saw a distribution from the British high chief. The letter from the high chief uncovered that they were following the situation of Oliver Barker and how his capture went down. They appeared to be troubled about it and chose to follow the case however much they can. This sent the police organization an alternate message or sign. They gave an authority press which countered the cases of following the case and what their disappointments were.

The IGP and his young men answered with two paged reports making sense of why matters of safety ought to be passed on to the Ghanaian police experts to reply and not a people from an unfamiliar land. Individuals have responded diversely to this letter from the police yet many individuals think the British high magistrate crossed her limits on what ought to have been said. Today, Kelvin Taylor has responded to this with an exceptionally sensitive accommodation. Very much like he for the most part does, he went after the IGP and indeed, didn't leave his adversary, Kennedy Agyapong out.

He expressed that the IGP can be labeled as an individual concealing homicide. The motivation behind why he said this was Kennedy Agyapong who has been an individual from parliament for around 24 years says the IGP knows the killer of the late JB Danquah. Assuming this is the case, why is he declining to let Ghanaians know who the individual is? He uncovered that it is the predisposition idea of these people in power and their bad workplaces that has driven global bodies into keeping close eyes on what's going on in this nation despite the fact that they are from unfamiliar terrains.



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