Volunteers Arreste Robbers At Adansi Praso


Stunning data arriving at Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) shows that individuals who were picked as volunteers by the head of Adansi Praso have captured outfitted looters who have been reliably causing dread and frenzy locally.

As indicated by Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) journalist Owusu Asante Shadrach, the outfitted burglars reliably use to deny the regular citizens of their well deserved cash, and cell phones and, surprisingly, go on to physically mishandle them.

The boss locally was upset and accordingly, he picked individuals to be volunteers in managing the outfitted looters.

The workers in taking care of their business at long last discovered the outfitted burglars looting cash from a regular citizen and they pursued them.

The equipped looters hopped into the River Pra to swim out of the workers' sight however sadly, they couldn't escape as the workers additionally bounced into the stream and got them.

The workers captured them and started to examine them to uncover the other looters.

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