"Wo Y3 Aboa Paa" - Netizens Rain Insult On Kuami Eugene After Hi Said Winning Artist Of The Year Does Not Mean You Are The Best


A few online entertainment clients have terminated hilife performer Kuami Eugene over his remarks about winning Artiste of the Year class.

In a new meeting with Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel FM, the 2020 Artiste of the Year victor guaranteed winning a definitive honor doesn't mean you're really great.

"For me to be named in artiste of the year for three continuous years lets a great deal know that I am getting along nicely and accomplishing something great so I should be thankful for that".

He reasoned that he has a ton of grants however that means he is worse than the individuals who don't have.

"A few underground craftsmen are in any event, showing improvement over standard specialists, a few performers likewise have hit tunes yet win no honors, so it doesn't figure out who is awesome, It's a couple of individuals on a board that decide for each grant plot".

Some netizens in the wake of perusing the title on Ohemaa Woyeje's Facebook page begun coming down affronts on Kuami Eugene.

In the remark area Maame Efua Gyanwah stated, "Wo y3 aboa paaa, when you won di3 you were awesome, sia banku.

Source: myghananews.xyz

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