We Know What You Did; Captain Smart Drops Another Revelation About The Passage Of The E-levy


Chief Smart has sent one more message to the speaker of Parliament and furthermore made a few disclosures about the section of the E-demand. Talking on Accra based radio broadcast, Accra Fm evening show, Captain Smart uncovered that Alban Bagbin is a feeble speaker of Parliament.

He made sense of his point by saying that Alban Bagbin has the most remarkable situation in parliament however he feels frail to utilize them frequently. He added that Alban Bagbin is an individual from the NDC yet the greater part council appears to profit from him more than the minority.

Talking about the issue on how the E-demand was passed, Captain Smart uncovered that the minority individuals were campaigned. He added that the walkout was a procedure as a feature of the concurrence with the public authority.

He added that the NDC individuals in parliament are extremely bad similarly as the NPP individuals. He added the minority chief and the minority boss whip are feeble on the grounds that they have permitted the public authority to campaign them. Commander Smart made sense of the "anteroom" as pay off.

Source: myghananews.xyz


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