Student Cries 'My Boyfriend Likes Urinating In My Mouth Every Morning, He Beat Me When I Refuse'


A 24 year old Makerere University understudy from Kenya who stays with her sweetheart at the college's grounds has shared web-based how she begins her mornings in the ands of her harmful beau.

As indicated by the woman, who is just recognized as Brenda says that she begins her mornings by drinking pee of her beau.

As indicated by her everything began when they were both in first year, as per her on the principal day when they were carrying out the thing the beau requested to be freaky by peeing in her mouth which she acknowledged.

From that point forward the man transformed it into a day to day daily practice and he pounds her each time she won't drink his pee.

Peruse the full story beneath…

Am Brenda, 24 years of age. I'm an understudy at Makerere University, I stay with my sweetheart who is additionally a campuser. Each day my beau believes me should drink his morning pee/pee. This began way back in my first year wen we chose to get freaky, he proposed to pee in my mouth of which I concurred and from that point forward he has made it an everyday daily practice.

Each day he awakens and lets me know he needs to pee in my mouth, I get kneeling down, open my mouth truly wide and sit tight for him to fill it with his sweltering morning pee and after he's finished peeing in my mouth,i suck his di-*k until he cums in my mouth.

This is the way I start my mornings. He's currently accustomed to it and at whatever point I deny, he thrashes me so awful. I truly love him so much and I would rather not hurt him.

I'm currently terrified of drinking his pee since some Kenyan companion of mine let me know pee/ - pee contains a hurtful substance, please is it valid? Furthermore, if indeed, how would I prevent my sweetheart from this demonstration without him pulsating me up?

He appreciates it as am recently confounded… … Please help



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