Stay Away From Politics - Methodist Bishop Tells Mahama


A Methodist Bishop, Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu has prompted Former President John Dramani Mahama who is looking for one more term in office, to avoid legislative issues subsequent to losing the 2020 General races.

As per him, John Dramani Mahama has been honored with each type of political position and that it would have been exceptional for him to have avoid governmental issues.

He said, he "doesn't have the foggiest idea why the previous President won't avoid governmental issues after he lost the races. Nobody has reached me to go after the previous President. I'm Ghanaian and I am an enlisted elector I can put myself out there on the happenings in the country. We are running a majority rule country and as a Pastor, I really want to communicate my thoughts. That doesn't mean say I could do without the NPP or the NDC."

Minister Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu was responding to claims that he despises the previous President of Ghana thinking about his remarks regarding him.

The Bishop showed that there is nothing similar to contempt for John Dramani Mahama yet rather, he is coming clean about the previous President of Ghana.

Cleric Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu anyway said, Ghana is battling in light of the fact that nobody in the nation prefers reality.

He makes sense of that assuming Ghanaians were honest, the nation could not have possibly found itself where it is presently, saying that, "Ghanaians could do without reality. We experience issues coming clean to that end we are where we are. On the off chance that we can come clean for an entire day, you will see the change that will come to the country


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