Shatta Wale Took My 'Borla Goods' Michy Home The Same Day I Broke Up With Her


Rapper Apaatse has created a ruckus uncovering how his 'borla merchandise's Michy was bridled gladly by Shatta Wale exactly the same day he said a final farewell to her.

Obviously, Apaatse and Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, prominently known as Shatta Michy had a close connection previously. He uncovered that Wale had clearly been hiding in her shadows so he embraced her the day their relationship finished.

As per Apaatse, he was the person who affected Michy to come to Ghana as she was then situated in Norway. He further added that he needed to release her since they weren't viable.

"She came as far as possible from Norway to Ghana as a result of me… indeed we understood that we are two distinct individuals generally together. I'm a cool person yet Michy is the hard sort," he made sense of on Accra FM with Docta Kay.

He additionally stressed that Shatta Wale didn't grab his better half as it has recently been accounted for.

He referenced: "In the event that I love something, it's not possible for anyone to take it from me. We separated before Shatta came into the scene. The day I left her, it was Jupiter's Exposure Party, that was that very day Shatta Wale brought her back home. We separated on that day and Shatta Wale brought her back home on that day.

"At the point when she was in Norway, Wale was talking with her… as we understood that we were not viable, I began visiting Wale like it was Michy behind the telephone. I approached her logins. As a matter of fact she gave it to me to visit him, that the person was concerning her however I conversed with cause him to feel that Michy was intrigued."

He then, at that point, closed;

"I wasn't do any harm, not at all. I adored her however not in like that… it didn't torment me," he admitted.


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