Remember Tutulapato? See How He Looks At Age 17


Tutulapato, One of Ghana's most youthful rapper throughout the entire existence of the music business who was found by performer pope Skinny and was brought to Adom Fm's Kasahari Level has truly changed into a completely developed man. The rapper is 17 years of age, at the time he got acquainted with Ghanaians he was just six years of age. Tutulapato a few years back challenged in capable children coordinated by TV3 and won. Pope thin who was dealing with the ability disapproved of his folks about reserves blunder and needed to deliver him back to his folks.

Right now he is as yet doing dynamic music yet isn't perceived in the established press. We should see pictures of how the rapper looks now.

Tutulapato isn't the main youngster with ability whose vocation isn't seeing improvement, any semblance of Cartoon, Awal Mohammed among others are likewise confronting same difficulties


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