Kelvin Taylor Hot As Allegations Surface Alleging His Wife Cheated And His Kids Are Illegitimate


Kevin Taylor has been hit profoundly after an allegation sprung facing his youngsters charging they're ill-conceived.

Nana Agradaa has tossed the most recent salvo in her hamburger against Taylor and she dove in deep and hard as she attempts to get him back for completely shaming her.

Agradaa affirmed that one of Taylor's little girls with his American spouse is really not his.

Agradaa claims that his better half undermined him and the children are not his in the event that he does a DNA test.

Her claim was contained in another video pummeling Taylor as the most recent section of their hamburger goes on.

Agradaa guaranteed numerous different things - that Kevin can't fulfill his better half in bed and a large group of other counter-intuitive cases.

She likewise said he had announced her to the IGP.

Kevin Taylor obliterated fixation priestess turned evangelist Agradaa in a new video that became a web sensation.

Taylor went all in as he portrayed Agradaa as a yellow primate and totally dissed her appearance.

He said her skin is spoiled from extreme dying and anybody who circumvents her experiences her upsetting stench.



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