I Have All The Vedios And I Will Show It If Ghanaians Should Dare Me - Prophet Kofi Oduro Speaks


Righteous men are supposed to talk with energy with all reality and validity. Prophet Dr Kofi Oduro talks again on OK FM toward the beginning of today as he drops series of messages from the Bible to Ghanaians. Talking about the message how God have favor Humanity with information, yet those in Africa and particularly Ghana are not utilizing their Knowledge and astuteness God gave them.

Prophet Kofi Oduro then discusses how european nations are creating and bringing out novel thoughts and advancements yet Ghanaians are not concentration to deliver anything great.

Prophet Kofi Oduro then protect Nana Addo on the ongoing flood issues occurring in Accra nowadays. As per Prophet Oduro, the president has no hand about what's going on except for Ghanaians ought to change their demeanor.

Prophet Kofi Oduro added that, the flood which occured in Accra few days prior, overflowed Korle-Bu-Teaching Hospital and he is having every one of the recordings of what is occurred in Korle - Bu - Teaching medical clinic to the extent that issues of flood is concern.

" I am certain individuals did no see what occurred at Korle - Bu - Teaching Hospital. We should give the president a rest. Korle - Bu - Teaching Hospital has been overwhelmed and the people who have been conceded at the medical clinic are perched on their beds with water underneath. I have every one of the recordings and I will carry it to on the TV tomorrow when Ghanaians Should dare me or contend with me.

What's going on in Ghana won't occur in different europeans nations. God have favor us with Knowledge however we don't esteem it or put to utilize. The flood annihilated significant streets in Accra and I have every one of the recordings as proof of which I can show". - Prophet Kofi Oduro articulated.

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