E-levy: MTN Gives Ghanaians A Relief Package


Following the beginning of the disputable E-levy, MoMo exchanges have become more costly, particularly assuming you're moving colossal measures of cash.

A few onlookers have detailed an emotional drop in MoMo exchanges starting from the presentation of E-demand.

Against this foundation, MTN, the biggest telecom network in Ghana, has divulged an alleviation bundle for MoMo exchanges. Here is the message:

Y'ello Valued Customer generously is educated that MTN has decreased its P2P MoMo exchange charge by 25%, that is from 1% to 0.75%. Exchanges above Ghc1000 are additionally covered at GHS7.5. Kindly note that P2P exchanges up to Ghc100 on all organizations are liberated from E-demand. Visit www.mtn.com.gh for more data. Continue to involve MoMo for the accommodation and wellbeing it offers. Much thanks to you.

This is to be sure extraordinary information for some Ghanaians given the focal job MoMo plays in the deals of common Ghanaians. At any rate, this bundle will some way or another reduce the "trouble" achieved by E-demand

Source: myghananews.xyz


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