Defense Ministry Finally Sends Another Strong Message To Akuffo Addo Again - Read Details


The delegate guard serve had as of late communicated gigantic worries over the ongoing surprising fear based oppressor assault in most southern African nations as Ghana stays the main nation yet to be gone after.

Talking in a new meeting on JoyNews, the agent protection serve, Kofi Amankwah Manu made a move to send one more solid message to the occupant government and Ghanaians all in all considering the new appalling episode that happened to Togo in the no so distant past.

Concerning this, the representative guard serve later asked the public authority to plan beside being watchful because of the rate at which these equipped gatherings attack African nations as of late.

" Seriously since, supposing that you take a gander at the exercises of these equipped gatherings or radicals, they are first moving southwards. Quite recently, on the eleventh of April, 2022, Togo was harmed and that was significant. Assuming you take a gander at the modis operandis of these groupings, they are presently emerging with complex approaches to getting things done thus we can't sit and overlay our arms imagining that, everything is great.

We should be watchful since, supposing that you haha around, every one of the nations around Ghana in without a doubt have been hit; we are the main nation left standing.

Our nation needs to plan and we can' t simply crease our arms and accept all is great" , Kofi Amankwah Manu unequivocally expressed.

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