Black Sheriff Has Done It Again


Black Sherif is a quick rising Ghanaian performer referred to, in actuality, as Mohammed Ismail Sherif. He has advanced from a viral sensation to one of Ghana's most sultry music stars in pushing RnB and Trap music higher than ever.

The artiste who has turned into a danger to destitution as indicated by numerous Ghanaian music sweethearts got through the spotlight with his major "Cash" hit tune.

Blacko the youthful star in 2019, delivered "Weep For Me" however truly made a name in 2020 when he delivered "Cash".

He is known for his hit tunes including Cry For Me, Ade Akye, Destiny, Money,First and Second Sermon and some more.

In April 2022, he sent off his new single named "Kweku The Traveler", which turned into the most streamed melody of Blacko.

Recently, the youthful star formally dropped the authority video of his tune "Kweku The Traveler"

The expectation of his fans for the music video was high to the point that he must choose between limited options than to deliver it authoritatively.

The video has acquired over more than 1 million perspectives simply in a day the way things are presently.

This isn't whenever he first has gotten 1,000,000 view. For sure, Black Sherif has truly come to remain


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