All GH Artist Were Sacked From Backstage Because Jay Z Was About To Perform - 4x4 Captain Planet


In 2006, Hip Hop monster, Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter, was in Ghana for a presentation, whenever a super star first has marched the country for a show.

The entire nation was in expectation for the show as well as Ghanaian performers, imparting a phase to Jay Z would be such a distinction as well as meeting him and trading merriments.

The show fell off at the AICC and the scene was sold out. The Ghanaian artistes made that big appearance to give a few energizing exhibitions. The show worked out positively until it was the ideal opportunity for Jay Z to perform.

Before Jay Z playing out, all Ghanaian craftsmen were sacked from behind the stage to clear a path for Jay Z. 4X4, Obrafuor, Tinny, Kwaw Kese, and so forth, were totally sacked from behind the stage by Jay Z's security team.m

“E be this show as jay z dey come them sack all the local artistes from back stage. Them say jay z dey come perform so we all for clear way. The yawa we chop for back stage e no be small,” he wrote on Twitter.


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