Agradaa Cried And Said It Wasn't Her Will To Sacrifice Her Baby Cindy, but Had To Do - Pastor Shares Confession


A Pastor has described everything Agradaa said to him about her supposed dead little girl.

Ghanaian minister has shared a mysterious discussion he had with Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa about her little girl Cindy.

The minister, Manasseh The World Changer says Agradaa admitted to him about reports on the whereabout of her girl.

He said the interest priestess turned Evangelist admitted to him that the youngster is dead as reputed for quite a long time.

As indicated by him, Agradaa shared with him that she needed to forfeit despite her desire to the contrary.

She made sense of when she chose quit her Sika Gari to frame a congregation, she maintained that the congregation should strong and assault huge number.

Her hidden world experts told her she needed to give in somebody valuable as penance and tragically that somebody was her little girl.

Manasseh proceeded with the destruction of her girl shocked her yet the hidden world bosses requested that she cover her in the congregation she was working with another stuff.

This should make her strong so the congregation will draw in large number regardless of how she acts freely.

Agradaa who used to display her wonderful girl via online entertainment has seized doing that, the justification for this large number of tales about the whereabouts continue to come up.


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