Abena Korkor Reveals The Amount Of Money She Charges In Her Slay Queen Business


Women of these days has utilize their body as an approach to bringing in cash which Many individuals sees them as slayqueens and because of that the vast majority of our female famous people has involved themselves into such business.

Abena Korkor, a previous TV have and emotional wellness advocate, has uncovered the amount she charges men in the wake of having sekz with them.

Abena Korko as of late stood out as truly newsworthy when she shared Nak3d pictures of herself showing imperative parts.

The socialite started shock via web-based entertainment on Wednesday evening when she presented the pictures on her page. While some accept she is encountering a bipolar episode, others accept she deliberately shared the pictures to acquire clout.

Abena Korkor expressed in a new meeting witblogger Zion Felix that she used to energize to $50,000 for a casual sexual encounter with any man who needed her that frantically. Additionally, for the people who simply need to spend time with her, change $1,000.

As per Abena, she merits each cash she gets from these men since she accepts she has been made perfectly by God.

She focused on that she charges her clients for laying down with her since she feels that dating them would be an exercise in futility and that the cash she gets can be put to more readily utilize.

Abena further said that the majority of the folks who can stand to pay her expenses are Nigerian men who love to spend, yet Ghanaian men are thrifty and could do without to spend. She did, notwithstanding, uncover that she is presently looking for genuine romance, having quit laying down with folks.

Might it be said that you are on the side of her viewpoint for uncovering such an emit?

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