"A-Plus Gave Me $ 50,000 To Chop" Abena Korkor Asserts


Abena Korkor who has a well established hamburger with renowned Ghanaian political lobbyist, Kwame A Plus - Has dropped a stunner on the resigned Hiplife performer.

As per Abena Korkor in another video that has been spotted on the web and gone overflowing all the while, Kwame A Plus has dahsed her an astounding $50,000 just to have a sample of her honeypot.

In this video, A PLus denied the weighty accsiation by demanding that assuming that he had $50,000 in his record, he would have spalshed it on a Buggatti.

Obviously, Abena Korkor was simply testing A Plus' sanity and didn't really intended what she said yet we can't entrust Abena Korkor regarding her previous deeds.

We will get up tomorrow to hear one more bit of this story that will most likely reason a monstrous commotion between the two straightforward superstars.

Abena Korkor likewise utilized the get together with A Plus to beseech him not to get pissed at her jokes on the web by admitting that they are only for clout.

We trust Abena Korkor wont return to her prior ways and cause blameless individuals of laying down with her.

Source: myghananews.xyz

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